Pilot Studies

Recapture study

This is an operational research protocol that describes a sporadic, cohort-based approach to assessing engagement in care for adult patients with high CD4 and not on ART. In short, the study seeks to identify outcomes in a simple random sample of 15% of patients who enrolled with high CD4 counts and who subsequently became lost to follow-up and took place between May – December 2011 at two clinics in Kampala and Mbarara, Uganda.

Pharmacy Only Visits (POV) study

An existing streamlined model of HIV care delivery based on pharmacy only visits (POV) is retrospectively evaluating the Mulago-Mbarara Teaching Hospitals Joint AIDS Program (MJAP) clinics. The standard model of HIV care in Uganda requires clinic visits with a medical officer every 2 months. This study evaluates clinic patients enrolled into and eligible, but not yet enrolled into an ongoing program of a streamlined model of health care delivery in which medical officer visits will occur at 6 month intervals, and pharmacy/nurse only visits will occur at 2 month intervals. Subjects participating in the POV care model are matched by ART status and CD4 nadir to subjects eligible for the POV care model, but not yet enrolled due to available capacity. This study started in February 2012 in Kampala and Mbarara, Uganda